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No fee. 


Pay-what-you-can contributions are encouraged to support the development and delivery of content.


10% of all proceeds are donated to nonprofit organizations doing important work in local communities and across the country. 

Connect via Facebook Live every Monday at 7:30pm Eastern


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#LifeInBlissburg is a weekly interactive lifestyle series and group coaching experience, dedicated to helping you level up your life and create more joy in everyday living. Each episode is based around the Why, What, and How of a particular theme and is packed with actionable takeaways, tips, and resources for ongoing exploration.


#LifeInBlissburg can help you to:

  • Cultivate greater mental, emotional, and physical health

  • Live more joyfully

  • Practice self-care

  • Boost calm, focus, and productivity

  • Connect live with others

  • Share feelings, challenges, and struggles

  • Process current events in a safe, supportive environment

  • Learn actionable tips and resource recommendations

  • Get real-time support and spot coaching

Now more than ever, many of us are struggling with a wide range of difficult feelings and emotions, isolation, and unhealthy habits. Even during difficult seasons and tumultuous world events, there is more in our control than we may think. 


We can cultivate a more positive outlook.

We can build and strengthen relationships and community with others.

We can develop new habits.

We can feel joy during difficult seasons.


It starts with showing up, being vulnerable, and sharing our challenges and struggles.

#LifeInBlissburg is open to all. Please feel free to share details and invite family and friends.

* The #LifeInBlissburg series was created during the COVID-19 pandemic and launched during Mental Health Awareness Month (May) as Mindset Mondays to provide support and community as we navigated this challenging season together.


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