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June Book Club Pick: The Book of Joy

In my June 2020 pick, His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, two heroic men of peace, reflect on their own lives, struggles, and travels and offer powerful insight for creating happiness and living joyfully in a changing, tumultuous world.

The Book of Joy is written from a series of discussions that took place when the Archbishop visited Dharamsala, India to celebrate His Holiness's 80th birthday. They share a look at the nature of joy, what they consider to be obstacles to joy, and eight pillars of joy. The book also includes a reader's guide, organized as a five-day exploration of deep questions and self-reflection.

Their messages are emotionally resonant and urgently applicable now more than ever. I hope you'll read along with me this month and join me for a virtual discussion on my June 29th livecast episode of # LifeInBlissburg.

You can support independent booksellers and #LifeInBlissburg content by purchasing your copy via my Bookshop affiliate link. More information about The Book of Joy and video footage from the Dharamsala conversations can be found in the CBS Sunday Morning clip below.


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