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September Book Club Pick: Everything Is Figureoutable

Marie Forleo's Everything Is Figureoutable has had such an impact on me that, when I was in a position to hire an associate role for work I was doing at the time, I included "an everything is figureoutable mindset" on my list of requirements. Published one year ago, Figureoutable is a wisdom-packed guide to life, and the present moment feels like the perfect time to dust it off and share it with you.

Inspired by her mom, Marie's mantra is today's self-made can-do attitude. With truth bombs delivered in her signature Jersey girl style, Marie offers actionable advice and strategies for decision-making, overcoming impostor syndrome, understanding the difference between fear and intuition, and oodles more. She taught me the daily journaling ritual I swear by and recommend to all my clients, and the math that made my jaw drop when it comes to wasting time on social media.

Heading into month seven of the Covid-19 pandemic, I've seen with crystal clarity the reality behind Marie's statement that there are two kinds of people in the world - those with reasons and those with results. I get it, not everyone is a trained life coach with all the skills and tools to manifest their hopes and dreams. That's why people hire me. That said, a person's default setting when faced with a problem is a high predictor of their outcomes. We can make excuses; we can give in to fear; we can be daunted by hard work; we can be discouraged by rejection; we can be devastated by failure. Or, we can just dig in and get to work.

September symbolizes getting to work for many of us: the beginning of a new school year, the change of season, the renewed energy and fresh focus after the August lull of hazy summer days and vacation time. I was born in September, so for me, it literally represents a new year. I'm launching a new Facebook Live series this month, Sparked, a lifestyle show and interactive online community for connection, reflection, and inspiration around personal development, wellness, and the world around us. I credit an everything is figureoutable mindset for my creative success, career growth, fulfillment, and happiness I've experienced in my life - and continue to pursue. It's a worldview we could all benefit from learning.

Check out Marie's "Everything Is Figureoutable" talk on Oprah's SuperSoul Sessions.


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