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Episode 15: Celebrating the Solstice

I live for bringing light to darkness, and lighting up the longest night of the year feels like a perfect way to celebrate the solstice and welcome the winter season. In this episode, we explore solstice traditions and celebrations around the world, and share different concepts of "wintering" to cultivate a deeper appreciation for the season. I share my recipe for winter bliss, and we play a few rounds of seasonally inspired trivia.

Episode Highlights:

  • Quote of the Week {9:57}

  • Winter Solstice traditions across cultures {15:40}

  • Concepts and definitions of "Wintering" {26:13}

  • A passage from "Wintering" by Katherine May {28:53}

  • My recipe for winter bliss {40:00}

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

Light Your Spark virtual New Year's Retreat:

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Moment of Joy

This Week's Charity

Sparked airs on Mondays at 7:30pm Eastern on Facebook Live @AbraKurt.


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