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Episode 19: Sparked Heroes Martin Luther King, Jr.

On this special MLK Day episode of Sparked, we honor the life, work, and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. We discuss the concepts of social change, service, and giving, and I reveal how mindful giving benefits our own wellbeing. I share tips for making a difference and resources for further exploration. Regular weekly segments include Quote of the Week, Moment of Joy, an amazing Charity Beneficiary, and themed Trivia!

Episode Highlights:

  • Quote of the Week {13:39}

  • How we can leave the world better than we found it {22:22}

  • What does social change look like in practice? {36:45}

  • Making MLK Day a national holiday {42:28}

  • 4 ways service to others benefits our own wellbeing {45:30}

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

Virtual Visits

Give Back In Your Community

Recommended Viewing

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Moment of Joy

Featured Charity

Sparked airs on Mondays at 7:30pm Eastern on Facebook Live @AbraKurt.


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