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Relationship Reboot

6 Weeks

6 Sessions


Initial 60-minute intake session conducted separately with each individual, followed by five weekly 60-minute couple's coaching sessions + email support.

One payment in full of $1400,

or two monthly payments of $775.


Is your relationship as loving, joyful, and thriving as you'd like it to be? Are you newlyweds trying to navigate the unexpected challenges of marriage? Are you in a long-term relationship, and struggle with conflict, communication, or feelings of disconnection? Has your relationship lost its spark or its priority in your lives? Is it difficult for you to express your needs and/or to understand your partner's? Do you find yourself feeling more dissatisfied or reactive in your day to day interactions? Are you weathering a major life transition or loss and seek support to regain stability as a couple? 


Relationship Reboot will help you to:

  • Reignite your relationship spark

  • Gain clarity on each other's needs

  • Improve communication

  • Identify the roots of conflict

  • Break harmful patterns 

  • Deepen your connection and intimacy

  • Create a shared vision for your future together

The Relationship Reboot program follows Abra's signature '5Cs Coaching Approach' (Clarity, Courage, Connection, Consistency, and Creation) to mental and emotional well-being, habit building, and goal setting. The program is designed as a progressive building of one step to the next, with compounding benefits and reinforcement over the five-week joint coaching sessions.

While the Relationship Reboot program follows a guided program structure, specific weekly session content and action steps are tailored based upon specific needs, goals, and circumstances.



To schedule a free 30-minute consultation and learn

how a reboot can reignite your relationship.

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