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My specialty is transformational growth.

My mission is helping you to achieve it.

Let's reimagine the possibilities
and create the future together.

The George Bernard Shaw quote, Life is not about finding yourself. It is about creating yourself. - is my mantra in life. I'll go a step further to say that the creating is best when it is ongoing - when we're constantly learning more, experiencing new things, and honing or gaining skills, and I know that curiosity, creativity, intentionality, and a growth mindset are our greatest assets. 

My personal transformation story is one of a small-town girl from rural Pennsylvania who dreamed of changing the world. A college dropout to adjunct university professor, from local grassroots nonprofits to the corporate headquarters of a global Fortune 500 company to entrepreneurship, I've done the work of goal setting, iteration, and executing on bold ideas. I know there is joy in the journey, and I'm passionate about helping individuals and organizations set the bar higher, commit to the process, and travel their own paths to success.   


Live and work are two of my favorite action verbs. I don't subscribe to the notion of work-life balance, because I've learned that healthy integration is a truer measure of stability and sustainability. I view happiness not as a pursuit, but as the natural outcome of a life lived with integrity, intention, and purpose. To be clear, I recognize the roles that luck and privilege play in our circumstances. I also know that, even in the most challenging times and through heartbreaking ordeals beyond our control, we can always flex the power of our mindset and response. With our humanity as our north star, struggles can - and do - make us stronger, build resilience, spark innovation, and deepen our capacity for empathy.

I’m a nature lover at heart, and I bring that sensibility to everything I do. I believe that how you do anything is how you do everything, and that our mindset and daily habits are the things that make or break us. And, I feel strongly about giving back - whether with time, talent, or treasure, because I know we all have unique gifts to share.


My favorite activities are cooking with my husband; doing yoga with our kitties; hosting book club, dinner parties, and movie screenings or game night with friends; reading - a lot; learning something new every day; indulging in happy hour at a favorite Loudoun County winery; decorating with the seasons; binge watching a riveting show; and doing meaningful, life-changing, life-affirming work.

Reach out to learn more about working with me.

Thanks for writing! I'll be in touch soon.

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11 Career Highlights

  • Created a Summer Book Club and Field Trip program for at-risk youth through Pittsburgh's Carnegie Library system.

  • Made history early in my career as the first woman hire at a ground-breaking, award-winning organization dedicated to engaging boys and men in preventing men's violence against women and girls.

  • Taught media relations and messaging at a consistently ranked top 20 university.

  • Produced red carpet events in DC, LA, and NYC.

  • Launched national products, publications, and ad campaigns.

  • Led headquarters market corporate social responsibility communications for a Fortune 500 financial services company/top 10 bank.

  • Achieved #1 rank among financial services industry competitors in market share of positive earned media.

  • Served in the C-Suite of a multi-million dollar nonprofit focused on reducing recidivism and providing holistic support programs for female returning citizens. 

  • Certified as an Integrative Life and Wellness Coach by the Integrative Wellness Academy, the only holistic and integrative life coaching academy in the U.S.

  • Trained in the evidence-based, trauma-informed counseling model Seeking Safety and in providing the Johns Hopkins RAPID method of psychological first aid. 

  • Committed to giving back as a youth and adult literacy volunteer; mentor to young professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs; and pro bono coach to survivors of war, sexual assault, and domestic violence and women re-entering the community after a period of incarceration.

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