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Shark Week Feeding Frenzy

I love a good theme party and entertaining at home. One of my best friends is an under the sea aficionado, so she usually has Shark Week covered. But it's 2020, so... house parties, not so much. The last event I hosted at home was my Pride and Prejudice book club in February, and my inner party planner has been longing for an outlet. Thank you, Discovery Channel.

Just last week I shared some tips in my live show for gathering meaningfully and safely during the pandemic, and one of those tips was a virtual dinner party. We decided to put this tip to the test during Shark Week, so I designed a multi-course menu, ordered some fun decor pieces from Amazon, and enlisted some good friends to join in the fun.

We had a blast, and some of the table decor pieces ended up as cat toys afterward, so it was big hit with everyone at Casa Kurt. My husband and I have been having movie date nights at home since April, and we rounded out the evening with a screening of the 45th Anniversary 4K edition of Jaws.

Hosting your own Shark Week festivities? Scoop up the recipe for my Mako My Day Baked Seafood Dip. This jawsome shark platter was the perfect vessel for our our ceviche and chips, and when shopping Amazon, please consider using Amazon Smile and designating a charity recipient. Cupcake toppers | Gummy sharks | Shark centerpiece sticks


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