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Episode 16: Let's Get Lit! "Big Magic"

The last week of 2020 is here.

There's so much energy in the air, filled with the possibility of better days ahead, and my final Let's Get Lit! Book Club conversation of 2020 is sprinkled with a little touch of fairy dust. I include "Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert among the books that changed my life, and as we end this year's chapter and begin to write the story of 2021, I want to give us all a fresh infusion of inspired living.

In this episode, we explore what the book's theme, "creative living," actually means and uncover what we need to achieve it; I share my key takeaways from the book, and open up about how "Big Magic" helped me to make some big changes and blaze a whole new path in my life. I also discuss my virtual goal setting and vision boarding retreat (use code SPARKEDNEWYEAR for a big discount) and a fun 10-day challenge launching soon to help us start 2021 renewed, refocused, and ready to achieve our dreams.

Episode Highlights:

  • Quote of the Week {15:00}

  • What "creative living" actually means {17:14}

  • Elizabeth Gilbert's 5 essential ingredients for a creative life {24:54}

  • My key takeaways from and how "Big Magic" helped me make some big changes in my own life {27:20}

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

Light Your Spark virtual New Year's Retreat:

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Moment of Joy

Let's Get Lit! Virtual Book Club Featured Charity

Sparked airs on Mondays at 7:30pm Eastern on Facebook Live @AbraKurt.


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