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Episode 21: The Power of (Self) Love

We are sparking health journeys for February! The love we have for ourselves is the lens through which we view the world. It's foundational to how we show up; how we interact with others; and how we treat our own bodies. I'm kicking off February with a new format here on Sparked and introducing a month-long focus on self-love through the lens of our physical health and wellness. It's also the launch of my 28-day Spark a Healthy Lifestyle Challenge!

Join the Sparked Living Facebook Group to connect with, gain encouragement from, and support others in our healthy lifestyle journeys. Be sure to check in with the group at noon each Monday in February when I'll go live to kick off a new week full of challenge activities.

Episode Highlights:

  • Quote of the Week {13:13}

  • American epidemic of food-related health problems {16:09}

  • Spark A Healthy Lifestyle Challenge {30:41}

  • We're eating 62.5 pounds more food annually than in the 1970s {51:59}

Sparked Living Facebook Group

Let's Get Lit! February Book Selection

Spark A Healthy Lifestyle Week 1 Challenge

Download a printable PDF of Week 1

Spark a Healthy Lifestyle Week 1
Download PDF • 93KB

Resources + Tools Mentioned


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Meals On Wheels America


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