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Episode 8: Let's Get Lit! "What Unites Us"

On the eve of Election Day 2020, we discuss Dan Rather's What Unites Us. The second half of the episode features a conversation about the non-partisan values that we share and how we can connect and heal our country through our common humanity. I also share tips to help us weather the election cycle with more peace, grace, and hope.

Episode Highlights:

  • Quote of the Week {14:44}

  • Warren Buffet's case for empathy {32:25}

  • My personal statement on "what unites us" {53:40}

  • 4 tips + resources for navigating hard times with more peace, grace + hope {1:02:05}

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

  • Book: The Ten Trusts

Moment of Joy

This Week's Charity

Sparked airs on Mondays at 7:30pm Eastern on Facebook Live @AbraKurt.


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