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July Book Club Pick: Untamed

In July's virtual Book Club pick, Glennon Doyle delivers nothing less than the title promises - the badass women's liberation manifesto of the millennium.

Doyle asks, "Who were you before the world told you who to be?" and answers with a masterclass in authenticity and reclaiming our true selves. The July theme for my weekly live series, #LifeInBlissburg is "Live Your Truth," and Untamed is the guidebook. In sharing her truth of abandoning societal expectations, Doyle paves the way for readers to access our own buried longings and soul whisperings, and tap into the voice deep within.

Whether we feel like caged cheetahs chasing dirty pink bunnies to gratify the masses or not, there is a message here for every woman who has ever struggled with people-pleasing, a lack of courage, or nagging discontent. I hope you'll read along with me this month and join me for a virtual discussion on the July 27th episode of #LifeInBlissburg.

You can support independent booksellers and the creation and delivery of #LifeInBlissburg content by purchasing your copy via my Bookshop affiliate link. In the meantime, take a listen to Doyle's Untamed NPR interview below for her thoughts on when women start to lose themselves as well as some advice for healthy acceptance of the life changes brought on by the coronavirus.


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