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November Book Club Pick: "100 Ways to Be Kind"

As we move into a season of gratitude and giving, choosing a book club selection about keeping kindness in our hearts and actions may feel redundant; but, all we need to do is read through the posts of any popular social media platform these days to recognize that we all could use a refresher course in being kind. So in service of the common good and our common goodness, I am happy to reveal my November Let's Get Lit! Book Club selection: 100 Ways To Be Kind: Everyday Actions to Change Your Life and Save the World.

While my motives are altruistic, it's also worth noting the ways kindness benefits the giver as well as the receiver. In 100 Ways To Be Kind, author Theresa Cheung reminds us that kindness is not only good for the soul, it's good for our physical bodies as well. Being kind pays the good vibes forward to our own moods and immune systems; can lessen anxiety and lower our blood pressure; and even fuel our sense of purpose.

But Cheung doesn't just tell us why, she gives us 100 examples of how. Her kindness tips fall into four categories:

  1. 25 ways to be kinder to ourselves

  2. 15 ways to be kinder online (hallelujah!)

  3. 40 ways to be kinder to others

  4. 20 ways to be kinder to nature (I love that she included this section!)

Cheung follows up the why and how with a call to action: a 100 days of kindness challenge. We can use the book for inspiration and our own creativity to make a difference for others, for our planet, and for ourselves.

I will be sharing key lessons from 100 Ways To Be Kind and encouraging fellow readers to share favorite kindness tips and personal reflections during the November 30 Let's Get Lit! episode of my weekly lifestyle series Sparked. I also encourage us all to live kindness as a core value on a daily basis, whatever the season.

Note: I received a pre-publication copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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